Have you ever gone out with a person and had a bad date?
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I met a guy at a bar once. He calls me a few days later and we meet for drinks. Almost immediately he tells me he wants to have sex with me and we should go back to his apartment right then because his girlfriend will be away for the next few hours. This was not what I expected so I said no and left. But I must admit, after thinking about it later it was exciting to think about doing it. He was cute. He just caught me off guard.

Went on a first date with a girl. We are eating at a restaurant and a guy comes over to say hi to her. It ends up that this guy was an old boyfriend of hers. She introduced me as her boyfriend and made it sound like we were a couple. Obviously to impress her old boyfriend. I played along and did not say anything. The rest of the date went well until the end. I asked if she would like to go out again. She said no, and went on to say that after seeing her old boyfriend that night she thinks she is going to try to get back together with him. If I knew this was how it was going to turn out, I would have never played along with her when she lied to the guy about me being her boyfriend.

Took a girl out to dinner on a first date. All she spoke about was how bad her last boyfriend was. I tried changing the subject but she somehow got back on the subject of how bad her ex was. The funny thing is that although I did not know her ex, I did not think the things she was complaining about were all that bad. For instance, he was a bad boyfriend because, "He would not wear shoes when they went out." BTW - I was wearing sneakers on this first date. That first date was also our last date.

When I was in college I met this girl that I really liked. She was great in so many ways. On winter break she invited me over to her parent's house for xmas. I dont know what the story was with her parents but they seemed to hate me as soon as I walked into their house. It was such a hostile environment, nothing I did pleased them. I couldn't wait to get out of there. The next day my girlfriend told me that it would be best if we did not see each other any more. I never got a straight answer as to why she wanted to break up and I never found out why her parents hated me. Then back at school I tried being friends with her but she would never text me back and she would ignore me whenever she saw me. I finally got the message but I still do not know why. I guess I never will.

I met a guy on We met for a drink but as we are talking I felt a little uneasy because he did not look exactly like the picture I saw on the dating site. While he was in the bathroom, I used my iPhone to check his picture again. It was definitely not the same person. When he returned I confronted him. He admitted that his roommate told him to go in his place. I got the hell out of there.

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